exhibition text

Arcade is pleased to present a project by British artist Sean Roy Parker. Looking at fermentation both as practice of vitalist co-existence and catalyst for environmental justice, Sean Roy considers interspecies collaboration as methodology and the gallery as a possible container for effervescence. A new essay will be supported with recipes and drawings – exploring multidisciplinary experiences, materials and techniques – and realised in a short-run pamphlet.


Sean Roy Parker (1988, Kent, UK) is an artist, environmentalist and cook based in London. His work examines the lifecycle of materials, complexities of civic responsibility, and problem-solving through collaboration. He practises analogous approaches to craft and art-making, using leftover or abundant items of nature and artifice to explore feelings of eco-anxiety in late-stage capitalism. Through educational workshops, food justice projects (such as Brixton Pound and National Food Service) and initiating robust alternative economies like art-swaps and labour-exchange, Parker redistributes surplus resources through flexible, post-capitalist care structures.

“By fundamentally changing our relationship with the conception,
realisation and presentation of artmaking, we can invest
in more environmentally-responsible and culturally appropriate modes of
production to ensure justice and transparency.
Fermentation is both a metaphor and a method, creating living structures
that respond and adapt the needs of the
participatory organisms”
— Sean Roy Parker

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