Established by Christian Mooney in 2008. Arcade offers both a programme of exhibitions and a constantly evolving platform of performances, live events, talks and publications. Through this range of formats Arcade aims to find new modes of presentation and to represent some of the complexities of the contemporary art scene today; exploring new developments in international contemporary art, across a range of practices, media and concerns.

Both in London and internationally, Arcade has sought to simultaneously support working artists and explore how experimental practice in the visual arts can have a vital relevance in public life. The form of the commercial gallery was taken as the best basis for materializing these aims, but as the next step Arcade is proud to announce that it has changed its status to become a Community Interest Company (CIC). This new structure will better represent Arcade’s vision and the balance between the different modes of collaboration with artists. Profit generated by gallery sales will now be specifically re-directed into public programmes to serve the wider community. From our insistence on small scale social gatherings, to investing in mid-career artists who have been overlooked, to working with those whose work makes explicit art’s potential in public life, Arcade has since its founding been an experimental platform for contemporary culture, and this step represents a development of that vision, and an attempt to respond strategically to the shifting social and political landscape. 

As part of this process Arcade is engaging in conversations with institutions whose ideologies seek to define artistic value and legacy outside of the traditional commercial gallery model and pursue new modes of linking art to public life. Our recent residence at Flat Time House, was our first working example of moving towards these goals, on this occasion within the spirit of John Latham’s economic models and theories: a holistic approach for both the public and private cultural sectors. 

During our time at Flat Time House, Arcade presented an exhibition and series of events with Anna Barham, building on several years of discussions between the artist and the organisation. 


Flat Time House, London

Installation view:
Anna Barham



Can Altay
pages from satirical magazines Penguen, Uykusuz, Leman, Girgir and Bayan Yani

Installation view:
Arcade | London



Anna Barham
Light Swathes Crossing
Brussels Gallery Weekend

Installation view:
Arcade | Brussels