Established by Christian Mooney in 2008. Arcade offers both a programme of exhibitions and a constantly evolving platform of performances, live events, talks and publications. Through this range of formats Arcade aims to find new modes of presentation and to represent some of the complexities of the contemporary art scene today; exploring new developments in international contemporary art, across a range of practices, media and concerns.


With exhibition spaces in London and Brussels, the gallery programme is structured around the solo presentations of the represented artists, complemented by a program of 2 person and group exhibitions. The gallery artists’ practices can be loosely divided into two approaches: that of thinking through an articulate and sensitive making process; and a more research and theoretical based practice incorporating ephemeral and performative elements within which live events are an integral part of the program with artists such as Jeremiah Day and Marijke de Roover working primarily in the medium and others including Can Altay, Chiara Camoni and Anna Barham incorporating it as a significant part of their practice.



Can Altay
pages from satirical magazines Penguen, Uykusuz, Leman, Girgir and Bayan Yani

Installation view:
Arcade | London



Anna Barham
Light Swathes Crossing
Brussels Gallery Weekend

Installation view:
Arcade | Brussels