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Pose (video still)
Digital animation


Through their differing practises works by Kit Craig, Leonor Serrano Rivas and Maria Zahle explore ideas of yielding; material gestures that produce, bear and surrender.


Kit Craig (1980, Oxford, UK)

Kit Craig deals with the problems of how thought can be translated into an object and, in turn, how these objects can translate back into thought. Like a rudimentary form of artificial intelligence, or real stupidity, the objects become shifting intermediary thought tools to compose with. The resulting sculptures, drawings and videos investigate this imperfect process of communication emphasising their absurd, out-of-sync and holographic nature.

Recent exhibitions include: Soft Algorithms, Centre del Carme, Valencia (2018); Even Dust Can Burst into Flames, Arcade, London (2017); Say What?, ASC Gallery, London, (2016); Nematode, Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridgeshire (2015); A Room Without Sculptures, Arcade, London (2014).


Leonor Serrano Rivas (1986, Malaga, ES)

Dream logic is all that should be relied on when engaging with the work of Leonor Serrano Rivas. Her sculptures, films or installations are often used as a way to present layered sensorial experiences where the viewer must forget the narrative impulse.

Serrano Rivas has been recipient of the Botin Foundation International Visual Arts Grant in 2016; ARCO 2016 Young Artist Award by Solán de Cabras; the New Contemporaries ICA London; Tokyo Arts and Space Residency; Arts Council of England Grants for the Arts and more recently, BBVA Multiverso Grant for videoart production (2020).

She premiered her first performance at Serpentine Galleries Summer Pavilion, London, one year before obtaining a MFA from Goldsmith’s University in 2015. Since then, she has exhibited internationally including Liverpool Biennale; E-Werk, Freiburg; Freelands Foundation, London; Matadero, Madrid; C3A, Córdoba; Russian Museum St. Petersburg, Málaga; ICA London; Arcade, London; CAAC, Seville; Chisenhale Studios; Tiro al Blanco, Guadalajara, Mexico; XI Venice Architecture Biennale, Venice; amongst others.


Maria Zahle (1979, Copenhagen, DK)

Working with collage, sculpture, and text Maria Zahle uses coloured materials to create a heightened sense of presence in space. Zahle recently started to dye her own yarn, discovering colours that are not only sustainable but intensely pleasing. These experiments have led to the realisation that a colour can feel deeper and closer depending on its technological materialisation.

Through her practice Zahle reaches for a feeling of togetherness, a continuity with her surroundings, where dyeing and weaving yarn becomes a pathway to touching and measuring herself with the world.
Currently participating in Arts Chaplaincy Project ‘The Spiritual Exercise’ an online project conceived during the COVID-19 lockdown curated by artist and vicar Mark Dean. Forthcoming solo exhibitions include: Tørreloft, Copenhagen, DK (September 2020); ‘No Friend or Lover to Me’, Rønnebæksholm, Næstved, DK, (Spring 2021)

Zahle is co-director (with Jason Dungan) of a new space for art, music and poetry called Polychrome, in Copenhagen, DK. Her 2nd book of poetry published by AkermanDaly will launch as part of our programme for Pete and Repeat in 2021.