Pete & Repeat is a platform for artists’ publications and rare books in collaboration with Gauthier De Ro that will launch at the the Brussels gallery in February 2020 within a structure designed by Anna Barham. The inaugural presentation will be Barham’s new book ‘Poisonous Oysters’.

The programme for Pete & Repeat will run con-currently with the gallery programme – either accompanied by an exhibition by the publishing artist or in synergy with exhibited artist and works. Forthcoming publications will include those by Maria Zahle and Jeremiah Day.



Anna Barham
Poisonous Oysters
Edition 100
25 x 28 cm, 96 pages with acetate inserts, spiral bound


The material in Poisonous Oysters was generated during a live production reading group held in Newcastle University’s Fine Art Department on 26.01.18. Passages from the texts listed below were read aloud by the participants and interpreted by speech recognition software over and over, creating a
poly-vocal feedback loop with the machine. The output is rewritten here as a score, flattening the time of the event and aligning the different versions of the texts to reveal the sound mutations between them.

Precarious Life, Judith Butler
The Waves, Virginia Woolf
Vampyroteuthis Infernalis, Vilém Flusser
Body Pressure, Bruce Nauman
Testo Junkie, Beatriz Preciado
The Politics of Translation, Gayatri Spivak
Creating trance and hypnosis scripts, Gemma Bailey
Untitled document, John Latham