Thursday, February 13th
18.00 – 20.00
Exhibition continues untill March 21, 2020

I started using aluminium as a way of carrying colour on surfaces which I was folding to create sculptures in the round. Over time, a process of simplification and reduction
to what seemed essential resolved these into flatter wall based works which, although imitating paintings, I still think of as three dimensional objects.

Colours are physically separated from each other by their application to the individual segments that make up each work so that they are built-together rather than painted on. For each work I try out many combinations of colour, sheen and paint texture ranging from flat sprayed surfaces of a single colour to surfaces built up of many impasto layers using brushwork to describe the form of each segment. My aim is to find a point where the paint surface does not contradict the relief surface created by the folded or raised elements and works with the real passages of light and shade created by them.

Underlying these formal concerns is a process of observation from nature with many works finding there origin in such things as sportswear, vehicle livery, health and safety products, shop frontages, web pages, the conventions of heraldic design, and outdoor equipment.


John Wallbank (UK, 1976) graduated from the Slade School of Art in 2004. In 2010 Wallbank was awarded the Mark Tanner Award for sculpture, a publication celebrating the award ‘Thinking is Making’ was published by Black Dog Press in 2013.
Recent exhibitions include Odds, TOMA Projects, Southend, UK (2019); Open Studio Rein Dufait in dialogue with Hans Demeulenaere and Maria Zahle, Oostende, BE (2018); Arcade, London, UK (2017); Frieze Sculpture, Regents Park London, UK (2017); Artist Boss, New Art Centre, Roche Court, Salisbury, UK celebrating Sir Anthony Caro’s studio assistants and issues of legacy in British sculpture (2017); Wallbank worked as studio assistant to Caro from 2005 – 2013. He lives and works in London.





You begin*

15.01 – 15.02.2020


M. leaning on chair, J. sitting on chair

A to B & M

With language (we can ask)

Pineapple bag, smiling

Line, lines, layering – A threat of transition

Hands touching

At once – headrush

A sleeping on my lap


The need to act

Newborn everyday



*The exhibition title is taken from Margaret Atwood’s poem ‘You Begin’ from ‘Two Headed’ Poems by Margaret Atwood published by Simon and Schuster in 1978