Anna Barham
Crystal Fabric Field (Pete and Repeat)
MDF, powder coated steel, fanzines

Pete and Repeat is a platform for artists’ publications, editions, online projects and content. It takes its name from a fanzine we published for the gallery back in 2008/9.

Between 2020 – 2023, Pete and Repeat had a physical presence in the Brussels gallery within a structure designed by Anna Barham as part of her ongoing series Crystal Fabric Field. The structure hosted performances, multiples, and publications which were in synergy with the gallery programme. We will rebuild Barham’s structure in our new London location.

Barham designed the yellow Crystal Fabric Field Bracket (1016) to enable a way of building that mimics how crystals form by repeating the geometry of their unit cell over and over. The bracket is a structural instruction which defines the basic forms a structure can take, whilst the space it inhabits, and the objects and bodies it is designed to hold, are the foreign particles that inflect the precise dimensions and directions of its crystallisation. On the bracket’s three sides are cut-outs of a comma, an inverted comma and a full stop; marking an equivalence between architectural and syntactic structures that Barham draws throughout her practice.

The bracket was originally conceived for the exhibition architecture Barham designed to house Liquid Crystal Display (Site Gallery, Sheffield, 2018; MIMA, Middlesbrough, 2019). She has since gone on to use the bracket to create a series of benches, stands, shelves, and other support structures under the collective title Crystal Fabric Field. The title is developed from Donna Haraway’s 1976 work ‘Crystals, Fabrics, and Fields: Metaphors that shape embryos’, which explores the role and importance of metaphor in biology.