Arcade is pleased to present the debut exhibition by Squares & Triangles, a band founded in 2007 by a group of primarily London-based artists interested in the possibilities of improvised music.

The core of the group is Jason Dungan, Dustin Ericksen, Anthony Faroux, Sam Porritt, and Maria Zahle. When playing together, Squares & Triangles’ focus is not on style or genre but on a process of communication, whereby the group finds structures and songs through an intuitive group logic. This is neither ‘jamming’ nor conventional song-writing. It is a constant state of tension between playing what feels like music, and what feels like a mistake or a surprise.

The show at Arcade will feature artworks made by the members of the band and a series of musical performances. A wooden storage unit modeled on the shelving in Anthony Faroux’s studio will house the artworks as well as a range of musical instruments. During the opening a selection of paintings, sculpture, drawings, and video will be unpacked and installed in the gallery. Music will be played for each work. The intention is to explore how the music and the art might coexist, relate, complicate, or problematise each other.

When the set ends a show will be hung and the instruments returned to the storage unit. The next performance will see the process begin all over again. In addition to the scheduled performances, Squares & Triangles will meet periodically over the course of the exhibition to play music in the gallery.


Performance schedule:

Chapter 1 :
How Things Were Put Up in a Magnificent Shelf and How They Were Driven Thence
Arcade, Wednesday November 20, 19.00

Chapter 14:
What Happened to Them at Oto, and How Objects Became Acquainted with Sounds
Café Oto Project Space, Thursday November 28, 19.00

Chapter 19:
The Reception Squares & Triangles Met with Upon Returning to Arcade
Arcade, Friday December 5, 19.00

Chapter 30:
Arcade, Saturday December 14, 15.00