Arcade is pleased to present a collection of works by Italian artist Sofia Silva, conceived in the form of a PDF to be viewed online.

The exhibition features fifteen works on paper accompanied by fifteen very short and sometimes bitter stories.

Sofia Silva (1990 Padova, IT) is a painter and writer. Working between painterly and graphic gestures, she explores a liminal territory, between abstraction and figuration but also positive and negative presentation. In this exhibition each work on paper is accompanied by a short story which is not the caption of the work, but related in an evocative way. An element of skepticism and disillusionment comes out between the words and the absurdity of Silva’s disjointed and bizarre lines. Silva escapes narrative and annihilates space, letting the fragments of her subjects be suspended in a flat nonsensical realm. At times this obliteration manifests itself within the physicality of the canvas, destroyed and reduced to shreds – maybe later appearing again glued onto new paintings or works on paper. Fragmentation is also key in Silva’s texts. The short stories exist as snippets, all part of a wider narrative that is yet to be written or perhaps just beyond grasp.

View exhibition HERE (Sofia_Silva_15)